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About Prezentis Prezentis aspire to evolve into a comprehensive platform for sharing knowledge from the sphere of science and engineering. We bring together scholars and faculty across diverse disciplines to deliver lectures on timely and captivating topics that inspire genuine transformation. Through this collaborative process, novel ideas and practices emerge to foster active participation among conference attendees. Bringing unpublished research and making it accessible to young researchers which in turn target the present need of target medical and research industries around the globe. We encourage the upcoming future to expand their horizons, collaborations, explore sessions beyond their usual domains, and acquire insights into the implementation of innovative concepts, tools, and methodologies into their research endeavors. We are hell bent to provide unparalleled opportunities to engage with foremost experts globally and deliberate on the latest discoveries in swiftly evolving realms of science. Our conferences across Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East will prepare younger researchers for the next vital steps in their careers.