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October 8-11, 2023

Triumph Plaza Hotel – Cairo, Egypt

PharmaReg AfriSummit 2023

Event Details

AfriSummit 2023 is a prominent conference and summit dedicated to addressing the challenges and opportunities facing the African continent in pharma and medical device regulations. It is a platform where leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, scholars, and activists come together to discuss, strategize, and collaborate on shaping Africa’s regulations of pharma and medtech.

Through panel discussions, keynote speeches, workshops, and networking sessions, AfriSummit 2023 seeks to inspire and mobilize African leaders and stakeholders to take proactive steps toward creating a prosperous and healthier Africa.

The event provides a forum for sharing best practices, showcasing innovative solutions, and highlighting success stories from various sectors across the continent. It encourages cross-border collaborations, investment opportunities, and the exchange of knowledge and expertise. AfriSummit also aims to strengthen African healthcare and pharma institutions to drive sustainable development and progress.

Overall, AfriSummit 2023 serves as a platform for African leaders to come together, exchange ideas, and collectively work towards transforming Africa into a thriving and resilient continent that harnesses its full potential of growth in the regulatory affairs of pharma and medtech (medical devices and iVDs).