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November 29-30, 2023



Event Details

This is the second edition of the regional conference focusing on scaling technology and the developments in Hospital @ Home in Asia. Join in the discussions with various stakeholders, from policymakers to solutions providers, on the next steps toward delivering hospital-level care in patients’ homes

At the inaugural Hospital@Home (HaH) Asia last year, we learned from Australia and studied the initial trials of HaH in Southeast Asia. We recognized that technology-enabled HaH was probably the way forward for many healthcare systems, particularly in Asia, to overcome barriers to care access and severe staff shortages. Entering a new phase of the care model exploration in the region, we now shift our focus to crucial fit-for-purpose technology and service solutions along with the appropriate implementation and policy strategies. At HaH 2023, find out how Singapore is taking the lead with the aim to expand HaH to all its public hospitals and hear from top international HaH experts and technology providers on the latest developments and next steps in operationalizing HaH.