Open Access Analytics

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Easily gather real-time and precise usage of metrics

Calculate result

with customer insights and engagement metrics

Determine potential market

benefiting from your free and Open Access contents

Empower your team

by equipping them with current and productive business tools

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Calculate result

Evaluate the influence of your content by gaining comprehensive insights from the audience accessing it

Dependable metrics

COUNTER metrics integrated reports sourced from a trustworthy and compliant platform, ensuring credibility that stakeholders can rely on

Determine potential market

Determine individuals or organizations benefiting from your free and Open Access contents

Deliver value

Communicate vital data and analytics to customers, partners and other important external parties.

Empower your team

enable your staff to make informed decisions and gain valuable insights into the performance and impact of your content by equipping your team with current and productive business tools

Promote editorial development

gain insights that generate high levels of engagement allowing you to make informed choices about content development

Features and resources dedicated for you

Effortless implementation

Simplify the process with our lightweight tracking script and API that provide a straightforward approach to capturing raw event logging, whether it's through browser-based or server-side methods.

Credible analytics

Produce industry-recognized COUNTER metrics, such as searches, investigations, and requests, that adhere to standards and provide reliable and consistent analytics.

Custom metrics

Utilize custom reports to gather specific metadata and metrics to gain deeper insights that are specifically relevant to your unique needs and objectives.

Versatile process flow

Interchangeable processing logic that supports different scenarios. This includes functionalities like mapping organizational identifiers or matching IP addresses to identify organizational users.

Integratable data panel

Access reports thru our brandable admin dashboard or design your own data panels by embedding reports within your web applications and tools.

Convenient data export

Retain full control over your data with the freedom to extract information as needed. You can effortlessly retrieve reports through our API or choose to export all processed data to your servers on ascheduled basis.

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