Learning and Research Portal

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Unleash the potential of your library and users

Tailor-made portals that are compatible with mobile devices, enabling you to showcase your dedication to investing in library resources


Assume command

independently configure and oversee your library portal without the need for IT or third-party support

Encourage utilization

efficiently arrange and publicize your resources to enhance awareness and maximize usage. Guide users to subject-specific resources based on their individual user profiles

Critical insights

robust analytics provide valuable insights into the usage of resources both on and off-site, allowing analysis based on user behavior, locations, and other customized profile data

Cut expenses

streamline the maintenance of library portals, reducing both time and resource requirements, while eliminating the need for separate intranet and internet sites


Engagement Resources

Beneficial educational tools enable remote support, learning, and research. Amplify outreach endeavors with our comprehensive understanding of user behavior.

Unified Search Tools

Incorporate search widgets from external sources to provide a seamless and unified portal experience.

Customizable User Portals

Choose to set up personalized library portals for individual users, offering advantageous functionalities like customizable messaging, bookmarked resources, and subject-specific guides.

Custom display and experience

Arrange the design of your library portals to convey your library's unique branding and effectively cater to user preferences, incorporating customized layouts, resource descriptions, tooltips, and more.

Communication Utilities

Effortlessly connect with users through email or within the portal itself, eliminating the requirement for separate applications dedicated to messaging.

Multi-site Capability

Set up portals that can accommodate multiple locations, each with its own unique branding and access URLs.



convinient access to library resources

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enhance the experience of reading literature by making it more convenient, enjoyable, and enriching

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