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"Established in 2012, Medroot Medical is professional manufacturer of orthopedic orthosis. We have outstanding engineers for the development of high quality products. Our products including elbow immobilizer, should abduction, finger joint splint, waist orthosis, hip orthosis, walker boot and so on. Medroot has orthopedic orthosis workshop of 3,000 square meters. Our products have been imported to more than 70 countries and regionals, widely used in orthopedic hospitals and household healthcare. Medroot provides all kinds of orthopedic orthosis. Our orthosis has great quality, being well accepted by world high end market. Medroot has been providing OEM service for world famous medical company. Many famous brands of orthopedic and sport medical built up stable cooperation with Medroot, many of hot selling models were developed on Medroot workshop. Hereby, Medroot would like take opportunity to thank our sincere partners. Thank you for supporting Medroot, thank you for going trough the introduction of Medroot background!"

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