1. Creating a unique profile and access on the content server

Only those who have the unique IDs' and keys registered on the content server can access and use the data link reporting system.

Publishers and content suppliers, collectively referred to as 'content provider', create accounts in the content server system. Then the system will automatically generate a key called 'provider key' for the accounts which will be used as the customer ID of the data link system.

CUSTOMER ID: The 'provider key' automatically generated by the system for new content providers will be used as one of the three important information needed when connecting providers to institutions in the data link system.

Staff of publishers and suppliers will have requestor identity and ID

The system will automatically generate the requestor key and API key for the requestor

The system will generate a formatted account information which includes the Requestor ID, Provider ID, Requestor ID and API key.

The requestor key and API key will be used as two of the three important information needed when connecting providers to institutions in the data link system.


Using the ID and credentials in the server system, institutional accounts can be created for publishers and suppliers.

*Institutions are the main entities involved in the report generation system.

4. Adding a Content Provider to the CN1699 Data Link System (CN1699 as the sample Institution)

"Providers "is a term used for entities requesting retrieval of reports through CN1699 content servers, which can be publishers, suppliers, platforms, etc.

Note: Content provider information details include:

1. Provider name

2. Status: Active or Inactive.

3. Institutions served: The institution list refers to which institutions are allowed to connect to the content provider.

4. Provide the URL of the SUSHI server for the new content provider.

5. Harvest Day: The date when the report data is harvested. Any day of the month can be selected to auto-harvest, the default is set to the 15th of every month. Set the report type to be harvested, select any report type, such as TR, PR, DR, IR.