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Feature: 1)The newest high technology and Touching Screen Control, new type of heating material. 2)Small Freezing stage new to the working stage ,more confidence and high-efficiency for user to quick freeze paraffin cassettes. 3)The machine is made up of embedding machine, freezing part .the design can be flexibly selected between embedding machine and freezing part. 4)Automated processor control system make it possible for presetting the start time and temperature of any day. 5)Special Nano technical make it heat up quickly and equably. 6)The Touch Screen can show you the temperatures of the paraffin bath, thermostatic bath and paraffin nozzle. So the user can operator it easily. 7)Inductive head lamp and metal switch ,user can  touch the switch by  tweezers or knifes to control the paraffin. 8)Automatic memory the presetting temperatures and start to work based on the time. 9)Large capacity Paraffin Bath (6 L)can contain enough paraffin for use at one time. 10)Multilevel security protection system. 11)There are 3 heating hole for forceps in two side of the paraffin nozzle .


Technical Data: 1)Capacity of the wax bath : 6000 ml. 2)Melting paraffin prefabricate: 0 ~99℃ 3)Freezing range temperature: 0 ~ -20℃ 4)Complete machine consuming more electricity: Less than 1KVA 5)Control mode: Auto, foot 6)Environment temperature: 0℃~ 40℃ 7)Time control: Opening and closing time of the machine is set in 24 hours optionally. 8)Nominal voltage: AC220V/110V±10%. 9)Rated frequency:50/60±1Hz 10)Dimension: 1180×660×470mm 11)Net Weight: 55kg(for YD-6D) 87kg(for YD-6L2)

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