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The medical generator can produce 3L-5L oxygen per minute. It is made in accordance with the latest oxygen production technological achievements. As a new high tech product which owns independent intellectual property right, this device has integrated the functions, such as oxygen concentration control, power off the alarm, pulverization, air filtering, etc. Firstly, the air enters into the compressor through the inlet silencer. Then it will get into the molecular sieve to separate the oxygen and nitrogen. The oxygen separated gets into the fine screening area, while the nitrogen is absorbed by the molecular sieve and then discharged via the separating valve. After the oxygen is improved in concentration through the fine screening, it will get into the flowmeter which will control the oxygen flow. Next, the oxygen gets into the water tank to be moistened. Finally, it can serve as the supplemental oxygen via the oxygen catheter. Relieve the pressure on the brain. Relieve the working pressure Home health care oxygen Oxygenating for physical exercise"


Safe & Economical: the pure physical method for medical & home use Convenient for medical & household use (1L, 3L, 5L) High-quality lithium molecular sieve imported from the USA Economical: the daily cost is no more than 0.12US dollars. Exquisite design with large LED display Oxygen concentration ≥90% Stable oxygen flow: 1L, 3L, 5L Low noise <48dB(A) Special atomizing function (very useful for people with a fragile respiratory system) A patented product with CE certificate. "

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