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Comfortable and safety Applicable to the prone position surgery, to support patient’s facial part, easy to use of anesthesia circuit,keep the patient’s breathe smoothly. This positioning surgical bed head cushion is made from polymer Gel, it’s suitable for all kinds of operating table for hospital and clinic. Features Convenient for using Easy clean and disinfection. Can be cleaned with water and lcohol. Avoid pressure sore. Anti-slip surface Colors can be customized. Taboos: Do not directly contact with injured skin. People who is allergic to polyurethane materials are prohibited to use the pad. Extremely obese people are prohibited to use the pad in prostrate surgery. Do not clean the pad by iodine detergent. Do not sterilize and fumigate the pads by high temperature and high pressure. Avoid long time exposure to the ultraviolet rays. Specification 28*24*14CM(TW-001) 25*20*10CM(TW-002) 20*16*11CM(TW-003)


Packing Covered with PE film and packed in carton box delivered with wooden case.

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