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Visage Imaging Inc. announced the signing of Partners HealthCare, the largest health system in Massachusetts, for implementation of the Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform. Visage will be exhibiting at  the 2019 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society annual meeting (HIMSS19), Feb. 12-14 in Orlando, Florida.

The contract will see the Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform implemented at Partners’ two flagship hospitals, MGH and BWH, and will expand to other Partners network hospitals in the second phase. Visage 7 is the central component of the Partners Radiology Enterprise Platform (PREP). PREP represents a key milepost for the elimination of multiple legacy picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and the opportunity for Partners radiologists to have immediate access to all prior patient imaging anywhere across the system.

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Visage Imaging is a global provider of enterprise imaging solutions for diagnostic imaging scaled to support the world’s largest imaging organizations. Visage® 7 delivers amazingly fast server-side rendered images, streamed via an intelligent thin-client viewer. 

Partners was founded in 1994 by Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and is the largest private employer in Massachusetts, with approximately 74,000 employees. Partners is also a national leader in biomedical and data science research, having established the MGH & BWH Center for Clinical Data Science.

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