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Siemens Healthineers has partnered with Mentice, a Swedish company that specializes in simulation solutions for endovascular therapies, to integrate the Artis icono angiography system with the VIST Virtual Patient offering.

The VIST Virtual Patient essentially makes it look like there’s a real human being worked on in the angio suite, at least according to the many devices that work together during the simulation, when there’s actually no one on the table. The C-arm, for example, can be moved around as during a real procedure, with the imaging on the displays following along and showing what would be seen if the patient was indeed there. The table, foot pedals, and a variety of other components work together to simulate a real procedure, whether initiated from an accompanying database of previously gathered cases or by importing a given patient’s MRI and CT scans.

The system can be used to both train clinicians to work in the angio suite, and allow those that are experienced to improve how they handle certain types of cases.

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