Treadmill Limbs Training Device


Treadmill Limbs Training Device

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Treadmill Limbs Training Device

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Treadmill Limbs Training Device

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Treadmill Limbs Training Device

·Active, passive and assistant exercises modes, supporting automatically switch and adjust the resistance

·electrical control by touch to adjust the operation position

·5 types of exercise modes to meet diverse requirement from the users

·Detect the convulsion intellectually and precisely, judge the muscle tension, and operate the relief program automatically

·After input the parameters which are necessary for the treatment, the equipment could operate automatically inches color touch screen, convenient for operation and observation

·Real-time display for time, rotating speed, resistance value, work, displacement distance, calorie consumption, convulsion times (both left and right sides), bilateral balance, etc.

·Optional rehabilitation information management system is also provided. This system was initiated by Baodahua, it is capable to gather rehabilitation exercise information from multiple equipments simultaneously, compatible for both cable and wireless communication modes. The system provides rehabilitation curves of movement ability for individual users, the user information and movement data could be stored and printed as reference for doctors. Emergency shutdown function designed for the nursing persons

·Universal connecting mechanism could fasten the equipment with wheel chair or normal chair

·Double crank structure for move parts

Upper limb

articulation humeri

buckling 95°

stretch: 5°

exercises range: 90°

articulation cubiti

buckling 90°


exercises range: 80°

articulatio carpi

palm flexion dorsal extension range: 10°-0°-30°

cubitus internal rotation range: 0°-90°

Lower limb

articulatio coxae

buckling 120°

stretch 5°

exercises range 115°

articulatio genus

buckling 100°

stretch 10°

exercises range 90°


dorsal flexion plantar extension range 5°-0°-20°


·Power: AC220V±22V

·Power supply frequency: 50HZ±1HZ

·Input power: 160W 

·Upper limbs assistant resistance: 0~9Nm (approximant)

·Lower limbs assistant resistance: 0~9Nm (approximant)

·Passive exercises rotating speed: 5-60 rounds per min adjustable

·Passive exercises time: 0~120 min adjustable

·Active exercises rotating speed: 0-120 rounds per min

·Upper limbs active exercises resistance: 4~9Nm (approximant)

·Lower limbs active exercises resistance: 4~9Nm (approximant)

·Upper limbs front-and-back movement distance: 60mm

·Lower limbs front-and-back movement distance: 100mm

·Lower limbs up-and-down movement distance: 100mm

·Lquipment weight: 45kg

·Patients with unstable indications of life or those with severe heart or lung problems. 

·Patients with infected bone joints and instable fixation in fractured bones as well as those who should avoid body movement clinically.

·Patients with feet’s skin damage